Neither rain, nor sleet, nor snotty nose. . .

By Mir
November 10, 2006
Category Hot Hot Hot!

… can keep me from my self-appointed duty of highlighting the Amazon Friday Sale. But, um, you might want to use some hand sanitizer after you read this post. Fair warning against the plague that is my family right now.

I strongly suspect that this warming towel rack is a little slice of heaven in the winter. My folks have one and I am extremely jealous. (They also have a whirlpool bathtub. If they didn’t periodically feed me for free I’d have to hate them a little.)

I love this coat. And it’s a deeply discounted price, although still more than any normal human would pay, I’d think, but it’s pretty, so go look at it. This jacket is a little more practical. Don’t forget there’s currently an automatic $20 off of $80+ savings in Apparel offered directly by Amazon! (Although, don’t get carried away. Because… seriously…?)

Taking to the great outdoors? Here’s that backpack chair I periodically whine about wanting. And a nice tent.

I don’t know if this breadmaker is actually any good, but it has a special gluten-free cycle! Which is kind of neat! On the other hand, this dustbin frightens me. Someone sent me an email asking about knife sets, which I swear I’m going to answer sometime, but in the meantime, this Henckles knife set is a nice deal (and a good brand).

Sweet n’ spicy beef jerky? I can’t look away. Oh, the horror.

And last but not least: Roomba! Roomba!


  1. I don’t know, mir, that dustbin actually looks pretty cool. From the user comments at Amazon, maybe it’s just the folks who are always trying to get all the random kitty litter that spreads outward from the litterbox up off the floor. 🙂

  2. Two words about knives: Wusthof Trident. Not cheap, but then again, not cheap. guaranteed forever — we’ve had two replaced over 25 years, how about that?

  3. Thanks, Nani! I’m hoping to score a deal on some killer steak knives for Brian for Xmas.

    Ok, maybe “killer’s” not the best adjective to use in this instance….

  4. Thank you! I got one of the Roombas, which is cleaning my living room as I sit down and type this post.


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