A few toy deals for your perusal

By Mir
November 14, 2006

My kids just brought home the school bulletins about our local toy drive for the holidays. I have, of course, been picking up items on the cheap all year long, so I’m ready to start digging things out of the basement and donating them.

(This is my very favorite time of year. I love that they’ve set up collection bins at school; I’m making the kids each take in a donation toy every day this week.)

Anyway, it’s possible that you are not quite as organized as I am, and/or that you have shopping to do for your kids, yet. Here’s a list of all the current deals at eToys to get you started.

They have Doodle Monstersicon in stock (including the new “gross-out” ones), which I remember were very hard to find in stores last year. My son is hoping for one of those. I shall have to call Santa and discuss it.


  1. “I shall have to call Santa and discuss it.” 🙂

    I love this time of year. I was just thinking “let the giving begin!!” as I dropped off my Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes this morning. Wahoo!

    Thanks, Mir.

  2. Thank you, pretty Mir. I visited the Kate Spade site, but sighed and went right over to e-toys. I was relentless and only chose toys from the “early bird” sale with free shipping. So now our three grandnephews are all set. So painless. So much money saved. Such joy.

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