It would look good under the tree

By Mir
November 14, 2006
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Sometimes I think I’m a perfectly normal adult woman, and other times I know that I may be getting a tad more excited over certain toys than is strictly necessary.

(This is a one-day deal. Today is November 14th. Tomorrow the deal will be over and your Christmas will be devoid of a small child driving a tractor all over your house. Can you live with that?)


  1. This is a great deal, especially with FREE Shipping.
    Oh, how can I justify a tractor…

  2. My cousin bought this for my nephew 2 years ago – he’s still driving that thing around the yard! Great deal!

  3. My mother bought one for my 3 year old last year! He loves “driving” around with the back full of stuff! Although finding storage space for it when he’s not using it is a real pain. It’s not a small thing.

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