Friday Sale, I love you more than bunnies

By Mir
November 17, 2006
Category Hot Hot Hot!

(This is my kids’ latest ultimate compliment, that they love something “more than bunnies.” I, myself, am decidedly lukewarm on bunnies in the first place, so make of that what you will.)

Anyway, welcome to the conclusion of a very wet and soggy week. Can anything make up for a solid week of rain? Well, maybe the Amazon Friday Sale. Maybe.

It’s still more than I should spend on a watch, but I actually think this watch is excrutiatingly cute. I shall admire it (and its greatly reduced price) from afar.

This orbital sander is coming up in my cart at $46.97 with free Super Saver Shipping. It’s nothing I’d want to find under the tree, but perhaps the big strong man in your life wants to do some… sanding. Or perhaps he’s hoping for some… sucking… in which case, this wet/dry vac (why, what did you think I was going to say?) appears to be the Cadillac of its species. (Is your guy not into tools? Does he need to shave?)

Oooh, here’s a neat concept that’s also a good cheap filler item if you need to get your order up to $25 for free shipping. Besides, you might need it if you’re the sort of person who likes to iron your 1000 thread count sheets.

This is an incredible price on a great hair straightener if you’re in the market for one. (I hear people saying those are better than comparable CHI irons.)

Do not buy these cookies if you’re trying to control your eating. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

And finally, I ask you: Why would I want my blender to have fuzzy logic?


  1. So… the hair straightner came up with the “Better Together” item: Pirates of the Carribbean (Dead Man’s Chest). Whaaaat??? How do those two possibly have a connection???

  2. Maybe the logic’s fuzzy because it’s a George Foreman and well, he probably took a few too many punches to the ol’ noggin in his day….after all, he is the one who named all his kids George too, isn’t he?????

    Rachel May – maybe after a long trip of pillaging, the Pirates want to partake in a little grooming? Or, the makers of the straightener want you to see what can happen to your hair if you don’t buy one of their irons? I dunno.

  3. I LOVE the Friday sale more than leemurs!! And leemurs really are awesome to watch, way better than bunnies who can’t even manipulate their own tails!

  4. Just a word about high-thread-count sheets. I am a former “gotta have 1,000 TC sheets” freak. And then two things happened simultaneously: I began to notice that my 1,000 TC sheets were not, in fact, as soft as my lower TC sheets, and the difference seemed to be that key word, “sateen,” which apparently means that more of the threads run in one direction, so they feel better (the also wear out faster, so work that into your personal sheet-choosing equation if you’re hard on them). I also read an article in Consumer Reports that basically said that 400 TC represented the apex of softness, and that anything over that TC was just superfluous.

    So, when Alex and I finally decided recently to use our Bed, Bath & Beyond gift-card we received LAST Christmas as a gift, we bought sheets. We spent forEVer looking, touching, feeling. What we wound up with was a 350 TC sheet set made of wood. Seriously. Beech. But they were mid-range in price, made out of “modal,” which is the wood-based fabric, and they had the magic word, “sateen”. Believe me when I say that these sheets are the softest thing you ever felt, and they get softer with washing. Unreal. Wood sheets. So next time you sheet-shop in person, look for “Modal” fabric, and give it a feel.


  5. Hmmm… we’re more practical at our house. We say ‘I love you more than pizza’

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