Lazy or brilliant? You decide!

By Mir
November 19, 2006

I dunno, I confess I’m leaning towards lazy. But it would certainly be an interesting gift for someone who has everything, because now I’ve seen it allicon.

(Seriously. How hard is it to mash potatoes??)


  1. It could be a good baby food maker, with way less dishes to do.

  2. I agree with carmie. Save on time and dishes.

  3. With my health problems, it hurts to mash potatoes. But I have cheap labor (aka my kids).

    My husband thought it would be good for busy people who usually buy the premade mashed potatoes. We can’t quite believe they sell premade mashed potatoes, though.

  4. Will you still think I’m pretty if I like this thing? My husband loves mashed potatoes and I never make them. If it could only peel the potatoes as well….

  5. I’m inclined to think that it would take longer to assemble the thing and then take it apart and clean it when you are done than it would to mash potatoes the “old fashioned” way.

  6. My mom use to use her electric beaters to mash them, but it still had wonderful lumps. I just use a hand masher…

  7. My mother rarely, if ever, made mashed potatoes. Now, my husband loves homemade mashed potatoes- but they have to have lumps, like his (kitchen-hating) mother made them. Ugh. I hardly ever make them though, (except the holidays) because compared to pasta or rice, it’s way way too much bother to peel, chop, boil, and mash to make the fool things!!! I gotta say, I’m tempted- even though the “reality” side of me says “you’ve GOT to be kidding!”

  8. Wait – all of you peel your potatoes? no wonder none of you make mashed potatoes very often! Chant with me – there are nutrients in the skin! I have one kid who would rather eat the skin than the potato. I just clean ’em and quarter them. They take less time than rice, here, and cheaper than (gluten-free) noodles.

    I still utilize my child labor for the mashing.

    My MIL uses her electric beaters to whip hers, but that would require another dish to wash, so it isn’t happening here. 1-pot dishes = goooood

  9. We like to leave a few peelings in the mashed for color and texture. One of our faves is Rootmash — mainly mashed potatoes, but includes carrots, turnip, onion, and parsnip as well. Mmmm.

  10. I always thought the same about iced-tea makers….then I got one…. and drink WAY more tea than I did before. LOL

  11. I use my pressure cooker to cook the potatoes quickly, then my KitchenAid mixer’s whisk attachment to mix them up with butter, milk, salt, and pepper. Yummm. Doesn’t take long, and after dinner my kitchen staff (ages 13 and 11) do the cleanup.

  12. Oh my gosh I need to get that for my Mother. God bless her she tries but she has the lumpest mashed potatoes I have ever seen in my life.

  13. First I thought maybe it would be as wondermous as my rice cooker, but you still have to peel and slice the potatoes yourself and THAT’S the hard part (though I don’t always peel them). And really, you gotta have milk and butter in there, when do those go in? Nope, needs improvement.

  14. We leave peels on potatoes (try to buy organic or farmer’s market) but scrub them well. Friends think I am nuts – but we love them – ate the peel and all growing up too.

  15. Who knew mashed potatoes could be so difficult? I don’t even cut mine before I boil them. I just plop them in boiling water (skin intact) and let them boil until they are really soft. Then I add milk, butter and seasoning and mix with a spoon. If you like kinda lumpy mashed potatoes, these are perfect and easy.

  16. Oh yeah, I forgot to add: It’s easier to cut them once they have been boiled.

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