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By Mir
November 21, 2006
Category Hot Hot Hot!

25% off of the book of my choice? Yes, please!

To do it online: Go to Barnes & Noble and use coupon code X9Y3G8Y.

To do it in-store: Print out this here coupon and go to your local store.

Offer expires November 28th, 2006. (Psssst! Other coupons can also be found here.) Happy reading!


  1. It’s even better than you know, Mir! Online, they’re having a 30% off “kids sale”, which they’re not having at the store (I called and checked). So I got a $50 Harry Potter audiobook for $25, what with the 30% off and the 25% off. With free delivery, yet. That’s 8 CDs, enough to take us all the way up the East Coast for a road trip (and our kiddo listens to the audiobooks over and over and over, making a good one well worth purchasing instead of borrowing it from the library). Thank you for the tip – what a great deal!

  2. Forgot to say – for those of you who like Harry Potter, and/or with kids who like Harry Potter, these audiobooks are fabulous. Jim Dale is a terrific reader who does the voices incredibly well. The prices give me sticker shock, but they do include 8 CDs as the books are long and unabridged (I wonder how many CDs it takes for the Goblet of Fire?). We have The Sorcerer’s Stone on audiobook, which I bought at a used bookstore for half-price, and now, thanks to Mir and B&N, we have The Chamber of Secrets heading to our house for half-price.

  3. We printed out 4 of those coupons, and I let my kids each use one in picking out their books (using their gift cards they had won!)

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