Cyber Monday at Smartbargains

By Mir
November 27, 2006
Category Hot Hot Hot!

You thought that after Black Friday the world went back to normal, did you? Hahaha! Don’t be silly. Today is Cyber Monday, which means we’ll have a few more crazy deals, and then we’ll go back to normal.

(Well, not me. I’m never normal. But everyone else.)

Anyway, here’s the Cyber Monday deals for Smartbargains:

600tc Sheet Set or Down Blanket Any Size $39.98.icon

Extra 10% off Entire Stock of Toys.icon

Extra 10% off Entire Stock of Aerobeds.icon

Extra 10% off Entire Stock of Diamond Studs.icon

I have my eye on those sheets. Lord knows, I have enough sheets. But that’s a deal, right there. Very tempting.


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