PetCo Google Checkout goodie

By Mir
November 28, 2006
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So remember how we’ve been talking about all these Google Checkout specials? Someone pointed out that you can’t seem to use it on gift cards.

That’s true. Mostly.

You absolutely can use it on a gift card at PetCo. Now, you have a few options. If you’re willing to take emailed GCs (which can only be used online), you can use either the $10 off $30 promotion or your $10 off of $10 sign-up bonus (if you got in on that and haven’t used it yet), and buy exactly $10 or $30 worth. That’s a nice deal, but you (obviously) can’t use it at the store.

If you’d rather have a real gift card for in-store use, you have to do it in $25 increments. Though I might be tempted to get a $25 in-store and a $5 email GC, to get up to $30, if they were a store I regularly shopped.

Shipping on gift cards (real or emailed) is always free.


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