The store that makes everyone feel teeny

By Mir
November 30, 2006

After years of seeing J. Jill deals online, I happened to visit somewhere with an actual brick-and-mortar J. Jill. So I went in and tried a few things on.

At which time I concluded two things:
1) A lot of people spend a lot more money on their clothes than I do,
2) The reason people are willing to pay that much is because their sizing is such that everyone wears a much smaller size than they really are.

But that’s how it always is, right? Everyone is a size or two smaller in expensive clothes?

Anyway, if you dig J. Jill and/or you want to feel little, here’s a coupon for you: Take $25 off your purchase of $50 or more with coupon code BBHLPN. Offer good from now through December 6th, 2006. (Check out the Sale section if the prices are giving you a coronary.)


  1. I LOVE JJill. Back when I was single I bought a silk velvet winter coat from them on clearance for $100. Not only is it warm and I am still wearing it (in Vermont!) but its beautiful and gets me compliments every year. I’m a value shopper and some things are worth a little more.

    I have a few pieces of JJill clothing, not many, and most bought on sale but they are things I will keep for years and never regret buying.

  2. I agree with Samantha. It’s all about “cost per wear” with me. I pull my J.Jill clothes out of the closet before any of my other blouses, skirts or jackets. They’re well made and worth the higher price. Also, the J.Jill slightly hippie looks suits me better than Chico’s or Coldwater Creek.

    J.Jill stuff is popular on ebay, if one wants to save some bucks.

    In other news – hi Mir! You’re sure lookin’ pretty today!

  3. I have to say I love the clothes at JJill, but you will not find me shopping anywhere but their clearance section. Way too expensive for me when it first comes out, but I’ve gotten some great deals once it goes on sale. I am lucky enough to have one of their brick & mortar stores about a mile away and while it’s unfortunately too small for them to stock much inventory (like no plus size clothing available in the local store), they do allow in-store returns of online purchases, saving the postage to ship stuff I decide not to keep back. Bonus!

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