Friday can only mean one thing

By Mir
December 1, 2006

It means I get to sleep in tomorrow! Woohoo!

Oh, wait. I guess it also means it’s time for the Amazon Friday Sale. Details.

Truth be told, it’s been a long week ’round here. I don’t much feel like shopping. (I know.) But nothing could cheer me up like another Prada travesty. (“Do you like my vinyl bag adorned with dead fish? I’m a fashion maven!”) Know what else makes me smile? A delicate man in a plastic box. Really, that’s a bargain at any price, wouldn’t you agree?

Haven’t you bought a Roomba yet? Use coupon code HOHOSAVE for an additional $25 off. Makes a wonderful gift for that special lazy person in your life. (You understand that I say this with love, being Queen of the Lazy People, myself.)

I am strangely drawn to this. I’m not sure why. Maybe I’m more exhausted than I realized. (To wit: Eeeeek! Filled with pandas!)

Soap on a roap? No! Soap in a wok! (From Canada. Obviously.)

24 Magic Erasers. I use these things all the time. Though I’d probably consider 24 of them to be more or less a lifetime supply.

Been wanting a CHI iron? Check out the Cadillac of hair straighteners. Nice price. Assuming that you still care about your hair after having been traumatized by the thought of Panda-filled candy bars, that is.

Here’s a nice gift for that special wannabe bartender in your life. Although I would much rather have this, as I like to play with knives.

I guess I did feel like shopping, after all. Or browsing, at least. You know what I always say—go forth and shop, or at least go forth and mock.


  1. And in Canada, you can go forth with wok.

  2. That snowblower cab could get you laughed down the street by your neighbors. That is, that is if you haven’t already scared them away with the lighted, moving crocodle lawn display Amazon featured earlier ths fall… Snicker, snicker. 😉

  3. I am considering the snowblower cab as a makeshift “boy in the bubble” to avoid the snot on the subway. This would be cheaper than my current approach which is bathing in Purell when I get home or to the office.

    I did pick up the Fisher Price Aquarium Bath Center for at least $10 less than what it costs in a store. Woohoo, pretty Mir!

  4. Actually, Upper Canada make very nice liquid soap and hand lotions, good quality, a variety of fragrances available (some scents are a bit too strong for my taste). The hand lotion is excellent, rich and soothing for dry skin, not greasy. However I have no idea why it’s in a wok – some marketing types got a little crazy one day!
    Where I live, the snowblower cab would actually make sense – we’ve had 4 snowstorms in November, loads of snow, icy roads, nasty windchill of -30’C. It’s not fall any more, in the Canadian Prairies.

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