Arrested Development, cheap

By Mir
December 4, 2006
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I’ll confess to not really understanding the cult following which Arrested Development has enjoyed. I wanted to like it, I really did, but it never rose past “meh” for me, no matter how many times I tried to watch it. I’m not sure why.

But maybe you think it’s the greatest show ever, or maybe you know someone who thinks it’s the greatest show ever… in which case, getting 3 seasons on DVD for under $34 is probably pretty exciting.

I’m not sure what it says about me that I would rather have three American Girl CDs than three discs of this show. I think maybe I shouldn’t think too much about that.

Hey, I’m hip! I’m cool! I used to watch Jason Bateman on Silver Spoons just like the rest of you. Of course, I was mostly too busy being in love with Ricky Schroeder to notice him, but still! Cool! (Shut up.)


  1. Okay, now I know what I’m getting myself for Christmas.

    And it’s Ricky Schroeder. Riding that train. Right into my HEART.

    No, it’s the DVDs.

  2. I was totally in love with Alfonso, his friend (I think I got that name right, it has been so long!) All my friends were in love with Ricky though and could not figure out why I wouldn’t be also.

  3. I was in Love with Jason Bateman. He surfaced on the cover of the “teen” mags in the early-mid 80s, along with Chad Lowe. I guess I was hot for the lesser-known siblings.

  4. I LOVED Arrested Development. Too bad I already own the first two seasons on dvd. I wonder who I could give this to?

  5. We are definitely in the “Arrested Development was BRILLIANT” camp. Hubby would definitely love this as a gift. *sigh* Tobias and his hopes for joining the Blue Man Group….

  6. The Bluths Rock!!
    Thanks for the great bargain.

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