For your FLY kid

By Mir
December 4, 2006

To the left here you’ll see an excellent price on a FLY Pentop computer bundle pack ($69.99, 61% off). That’s a fabulous price on a hot toy, and it ships for free.

But if you look more closely, what you’ll also see is confirmation of everything that is wrong and bad and evil about me. You see, my daughter wants a FLY pen. Every time the commercial for it comes on the television, she drops everything to marvel at its wonder, then leaps into her sales pitch with me.

“It could actually HELP me do my HOMEWORK,” she offers, sure that that will push me over the edge. “It’s an EDUCATIONAL toy. Don’t you care about my education??”

I do care, and that’s an awesome price; but I finished my Christmas shopping this summer. There will be no FLY under the tree for my daughter. Because I am the meanest mommy in the world, and my children will have to sell matchsticks on the corner to support their uneducated selves.

Learn from my tale of woe.


  1. That is a great price. I spent $99 for that for my son. He begged and pleaded for it. I would rather spend that on the FlyPen than an IPOD.

  2. I am actually a little frightened by this technology.

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