Was this a long week for anyone else?

By Mir
December 8, 2006
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I don’t know about all of you, but seldom am I as grateful to see Friday rolling around as I am this week. This week has been—in a word—sucktastic. And that is totally the technical term.

Anyway, you know how the Amazon Friday Sale always cheers me right up. I feel better already!

Behold the perfect stocking stuffer for both the gadget-head and college student, alike. Everyone should have one of those in their glove box. (In contrast, this watchis only a good stocking stuffer for Paris Hilton. I swear on my children’s heads that when I popped that page up, I thought it was called the “Consternation.” Paging Dr. Freud!)

Tis the season (though I wouldn’t recommend using those as gifts, necessarily…).

Here’s another fancy weather station in case you missed the last deal or aren’t satisfied with merely calling me up for the forecast. (Today’s forecast: It’s %#$&! snowing. You’re welcome.)

Got dirt? How about a great deal on a highly rated Hoover canister vacuum? (Don’t forget you save an additional $25 with code HOHOSAVE on that one, too.) Only have a little dirt? Well then, maybe you need a cyclonic dustbuster.

Only click this one if you really love your dogs.

I want this so badly it hurts. It’s possible it makes me laugh even harder than the impaled man knife block I keep linking. But how can you not love it? The holy family looks delicious!

I am very sad that these shoes don’t come in adult sizes. I have have to console myself with one of these.

Enjoy your Friday, folks!


  1. Regarding the Paris stocking stuffer watch – I just bought my 13 yo daughter a “bling” watch at Nordstrom for $14.99 that looks amazingly similiar. OK I know it’s no where close but my daughter is so excited by her new bling watch.

  2. Yes! It was an unbearably long week! I just recently broke our vacuum prong off in the electrical outlet. Oops! I guess I should take a look at the Hoover.

  3. You know Mir, depending on what size you wear sometimes you can fit in the children’s higher sizes. I’ve done it before.

  4. Another lovely Friday perk today – it’s a Woot-Off day!

  5. It was a long week here, too. We already bought some folks the duckie nativity from Oriental Trading, so I can’t justify the s’more nativity, sadly.

    Linda – Those shoes only go up to size 3, I checked to see if they went higher into the same as adult sizes, that’s how I get cheap sandals & boots at Lands End Overstocks.

    Did you see the chin-up bar on the Friday sale? That brought back a ton of memories from my childhood. And the image of my uncle walking into it and almost beheading himself.

  6. I love that jacket! Someday I’ll actually buy myself some clothes instead of blowing all my “extra” money on toys and goodies for the kids. *sigh*

  7. The nativity set, oh, the nativity set. Baby Jesus looks so sweet!

  8. You just HAD to post a jacket in my favorite color!(green) That matches shoes I already have! (thankyouthankyouthankyou) Hey, I know, get one for yourself and we can be twins =)

  9. I love that jacket, too!

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