Cover those legs, baby

By Mir
December 9, 2006

Here’s a tip I just got from Leah:

I heard this only works for the first 1000 orders, so hurry — but at, you can buy any pair, and get the Prancer xmas style for free. And the code HAPPY HOLIDAY gets you free shipping.

Sounds good; someone let me know if it works, if you grab the deal.

Thanks, Leah!


  1. Yeah, I don’t know if the 1000 thing is true, but it worked fine for me at 8:30 this morning. And the Neopolitan works great if you have a girl – you know how you always end up with 4 squillion pink outfits even if you don’t like pink? The brown evens it out a little.

  2. Use the coupon code “Happy Holidays” to get free shipping. Two sets of babylegs for $12 shipped- you can’t beat it!

  3. It worked for me this afternoon!! Thanks so much!!

  4. Shoot, I couldn’t get it to work!

  5. These are so cool! I just ordered some for a friend who’s due in February and a couple pair for my son (the flame ones are great for a boy!)

    Love your blog Mir! I’m checking in everyday and have found some awesome deals.

    The free prancer babylegs worked for me too – at 12:15 pm central time. Just added them to my cart and they showed up as free. The free shipping also works as well but make sure you enter “Happy Holiday” not an ‘s’ on the end of Holiday.

  6. Oh, my bad! IT WORKED! Yeah! Thanks!

  7. Thanks so much for the heads-up! I already had one pair of babylegs (btw, never mix up the .net with .com, mmK? Tried to refer my SIL and accidentally sent her to a non-family safe site, LOL)and love ’em. The coupon for free shipping had already expired (it’s 10:15 a.m. here in California, if that helps), but then a message came up saying that now that the order was above $12, I got the free pair of Prancers-patterned babylegs. So, an extra $3, oh well, still almost free!

  8. Dooneybug is right you need to use the code Happy Holiday (no ‘s’), then you get free shipping!

  9. worked for me too but I had trouble using the paypal express so I had to enter a CC number instead.

  10. Mir and Leah, you are very, very pretty! Coupon worked for me too. What a great gift idea.

  11. Worked for me at 1:20PM PST. Great idea since my little one has decided that she hates pants and only wants to wear shorts or skirts – regardless of the fact that it is winter.

  12. Opps- Yeah it’s “happy holiday” no s. Sorry 🙂

  13. I’ve been wanting to try these, but $12 a pop plus shipping was too much for something I wasn’t sure about. But I just ordered some since they are so cheap!

  14. I got them too! Thanks so much!

  15. This worked for me at 9:30pm Central time. Thanks for the tip!! I can’t wait for my daughter to try them. Jennifer

  16. Woohoo! 9:45CST and it worked for me! That’s awesome – I’ve never had any, and I’m so excited to try them!

  17. AWESOME. My gal has a couple of pairs of these, and my sister-in-law was all intruiged. Now I can throw in a pair with my niece’s Christmas gift!

  18. Thanks for the heads up! Just ordered two pair, received free shipping *and* the Prancer pair!

  19. Yea! Still working sunday morning at 10:00 MST. Thanks Mir, I’ve been wanting some of these.

  20. Got the free prancer legs at 1:00 EST Sunday morning.

  21. FYI. I ordered 3 standard pair, and was able to get the Prancer & Frosty pair free 😀

  22. It still works as of 4pm, EST! thanks, Mir 🙂

  23. still working sunday at 7:10pm
    they are so cute!

  24. Yeah! It’s still working on Monday morning at 8:00!

  25. Still working at 12:40 EST, Monday 11 Dec 06. Thanks so much! I’ve been meaning to try these – I guess procrastination pays sometimes.

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