Shhhh, don’t tell my kids

By Mir
December 11, 2006

But there will be a couple of these cars under the tree this year.

(Clicking through that link automatically gives you 10% off and free shipping, making them a very nice deal, indeed.)

So what are they? They’re Plasma Cars, the award-winning vehicles that hold up to 200 pounds. Everyone I know who owns one claims that the adults in the house use them as much as the kids do.

Here in the snowy northeast, I see them as my ticket out of snowstorm purgatory—when we’re housebound, the kids can go zoom around in the basement to burn off the energy they would otherwise use to drive me insane. I’d say that’s worth full retail, but if you can get it for about half off, all the better.


  1. No one really, really short to buy for, but boy, do these look cool!

  2. Read it HERE, JUST ordered it! Perfect for an energizer bunny of a 3 year old!

  3. I SOOOOOO want one of these!

  4. I paid (shudder) full price for one of these a couple years ago. Three or four years ago, I think – back when they only came in yellow. It has been one of the best toy investments I ever made. The car requires the driver to move his/her arms in a rhythmic pattern to make it go. It’s fun, it’s sturdy (ours has lots of miles and is still going strong), and it has been good for the kids (I bought ours at the recommendation of my daughter’s OT). A great toy – and a good deal on it.

  5. Wow, what a great deal! These are a hot commodity and I’ve never seen them for less than $79.00 PLUS shipping. Thanks!

  6. Cool – I’d been eyeing those – you put me over the edge! I think my basement’s too small though!

  7. My 4 year old boy is going to love this! What would I do without you…mini segways, fly pens! 🙂

  8. has them for 49.95 Euro shipped. Why, oh, why won’t Overstock ship internationally?!?!

  9. God bless you, saintly and very pretty, Mir. You may have just saved my sanity with 3 small kids in the house this winter!

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