Last day (night) to get free shipping + discounts

By Mir
December 12, 2006
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Hey, if I’d had internet today, I would’ve posted this earlier. Sorry about that.

If you catch this post tonight, you may be in for a great deal. Check it out:

If you order through midnight Eastern time, tonight (December 12th), there’s free shipping on select gifts at Linens N’ Things.

Make it even better: Google Checkout gives you $10 off of $30, and you can also use coupon code DEC0106 for 20% off a single item. (Most stores which accept Google Checkout do not allow you to use a coupon at the same time; LNT does, which can make for a heck of a deal.)

The free shipping is good only through tonight; the coupon expires December 15th.


  1. can’t find where to enter the coupon code for 20% off….it also says if you use google checkout you can’t return the item to the store.

  2. oh, and it appears you get free shipping with in-store pick-up, but you can’t do in-store pick-up with google check out…sigh.

  3. Yeah, I couldn’t find a place to enter the coupon code through Google check-out, either. So, I just bought it through the LNT website; got my 20% off and free shipping! And now I get my pistachio colored Kitchenaid mixer I’ve wanted for so long! THANKS, Mir 🙂

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