Hahahaha. . . they said “coochie”

By Mir
December 14, 2006

Just fill out a short—if somewhat risque—survey, and receive a free sample of Commandos, “soft cotton comfort without the panties.”

(Personally, I’m rather fond of the soft cotton comfort of, well, actual panties, but I’m a little old-fashioned.)


  1. Not sure if that is funnier than the fact that there’s a letter from the patch herself on the website. I am going to have nightmares of talking underwear. Yeeaaah.

  2. oh, come on, now. you know you have to tell us what you name yours.

  3. might make a good, ahem, stocking stuffer…

  4. I want to do the survey JUST so I can say I HEARD ABOUT THIS AT WANTNOT.NET, but I probably won’t.

    Or maybe I will . . .

  5. LMAO I just did!

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