Snap it up quickly—great Vidster deal

By Mir
December 14, 2006

I am running in here to post this because I suspect it’s a price mistake and/or that Amazon will raise the price pretty quickly.

Grab a Vidster for just $26.99 right now; that’s 66% off! This is a digital camcorder/camera intended for children, and it garners favorable reviews everywhere I looked.

I’m putting this one away for my daughter’s birthday, and the best part is that it gave me the excuse I needed to grab the Hot Wheels Radar Gun I was waffling over yesterday.


  1. Not sure if it’s a price mistake or not, but I did notice, when I tried to put two in my cart, that we’re limited to buying just one at a time. (Darnit!)

    GREAT DEAL, though!!!

  2. So, Mir, I ordered just ONE for my two kids to share. Please tell me I won’t regret it later. Please, promise me. I’ll pay you. Visa or Mastercard?

  3. Thanks pretty Mir! I bought one and went to show my husband… the price is now $56.99. Woohoo! Snapped it up just in time!

  4. OMG….I totally have Easter Baskets done. Thanks!

  5. Hmm…checked again and the price is back down! They must be playing!

  6. Last year I paid $100 for one of those. It’s kid-tested, kid-approved, and quite the sturdy little thing. And it doesn’t look like a “kid” camera–no primary colors or cartoon characters. You are getting a great deal here.

  7. I got one for the $26.99 price. My 11 yr old wanted a video camera and I had not gotten him one. For that price, no reason to not get it

  8. Thank you Mir – this is perfect for Dylie! And we got free 2-day shipping with our Amazon Prime trial membership. Now, if you can just find me wooden blocks with free shipping (so that I can avoid Toys R Us tomorrow), I will love you even more than I already do. Have I told you how pretty you are?

  9. Oh thank you pretty and oh so very wise MIR! I just ordered it for my son’s (8) birthday, 2 weeks after Christmas. He is gonna LOVE it!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!

  10. Doooooooooh! It’s “not currently available”. I should have your website open and on auto re-fresh at all times. I am BUMMED to have missed this.

  11. Availability: This item is currently not available.

  12. I got on this deal last night right before the power started blinking, browning and surging here in the Pacific NW (major windstorm). Whew! Thanks so much for the head’s up!

  13. Darn! I skip one day of you and look what I miss!

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