Because Amazon doesn’t have enough of my money

By Mir
December 15, 2006
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Oh, I kid. Really, I’m just whining a little bit because, you know, I was done doing holiday shopping, and then a few more deals came along. So I ended up spending some money I hadn’t planned on, but now birthdays are done. So it’s all good. Except the part where I get my credit card bill and cry.

(Kidding! Just kidding. Please don’t charge anything you cannot afford to pay off. This message has been sponsored by The National Coalition for Debtaphobics.)

Anyway, it’s Friday, and you know what that means—Amazon Friday Sale time!

My children are too old/big for this wagon, but if they weren’t? I’d be all over it. That’s an awesome price (even better because that sucker is heavy and it has free shipping), and how cool are those flames?

Barbie frightens me (there; I said it), but if you don’t have that problem, you might want this castle. It’s… umm… very pink.

I’m not sure why you’d want this, but it’s regularly part of the Friday sale for about $10 more; this is the lowest price I’ve seen it at. And the reviews are great (and plentiful). There’s a whole secret society of people out there with lights on their heads, apparently.

I’m not buying them, myself (alas), but I’m a little in love with these boots. (Here’s a tip on these or any other Amazon shoe at an awesome price: Check them at Zappos and then do a price match with them, because you’ll be able to return them for free if you need to. Amazon will not only make you pay return shipping, they’ll also go back and charge you the “free” shipping from before. Hmph.)

Wow, that’s a nice bike. So’s this one. And here’s a nice bike rack to put them on.

Two words: weather station.

Another cookware deal, just $134.99 after coupon HOHOSAVE.

I want this shirt every time I see it.

Enjoy your Friday, everyone!


  1. Oh dear. i COVET that shirt. sheeesh. $9.99 is a good price, but i ain’t payin’ $15 for it. lol.

  2. You are going to laugh so hard at me but I bought that headlamp thingie (actually a model up for $25) for my Dad for his birthday on Monday. He loves gadgetry type stuff like that and he’s kinda hard to buy for.

  3. those headlamps are awesome for the kiddos to use for reading in bed at night!

  4. Re: those headlamps…

    Perfect for after-dark porta-potty visits.

    Don’t ask how I know that. *sigh* But seriously, if you will be using a portable toilet of any kind after the sun goes down, invest in one of them thar headlights.

  5. That shirt cracked me up. I’d love to wear it to the dermatologist.

    Ditto on Kris’s headlamp comment – they are great for camping.

  6. Little boys LOVE head lamps! I bought one for my best friend’s 6 y.o. last Christmas, he wore it every evening and they had to wrestle it off him to go to bed.

  7. Gotta second the love of the headlights – my husband uses it when he’s outside at the grill in the winter, and we spend a lot of time driving in the car to my mother-in-laws (4 hour trip) so the kids use them to read while we drive. Batteries last forever too!

  8. Mmm, the bike rack — we just bought his/n/hers bikes last summer. This could be fun.

  9. Thanks for the heads-up on the sale… I just got the wagon for my granddaughter… good buy on that!

  10. That shirt is SO me! And it’s only 10 bucks!

  11. I make my husband wear a headlamp when he works on the car, as he’s always swearing at the lights that hang under the hood, and I apparently am never aiming the flashlight at the exact spot he wants!

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