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By Mir
December 16, 2006
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Personally, if someone is shopping for gifts for me at Staples, I’m going to wonder a little. I mean, sure; I’d like a good cross-cut shredder as much as the next person. But for Christmas? Well, to each their own.

If you’ll be shopping in-store at Staples between now and December 23rd, print yourself out one of these discount cards to take 12% off your purchase. Restrictions do apply, like that you can’t use it on computers or postage (killjoys).

But maybe that special someone in your life will be so surprised to find a chairmat under the tree. You big romantic, you.

(Thanks for the tip, kandle nut!)


  1. Staples always does the best back-to-school commercials. I would shop there for Christmas if we had one, but we only have the Office Twins in my town.

  2. Hmmmm, I actually did recieve a paper shredder for Christmas once, and I married the guy anyway – lol! Ah, yes, the romantic gestures of flat computer screens and PDA’s have also followed, but every once in awhile he’ll surprise me w/ something to help me forget about all of those “practical” gifts! 😉 PS – wish I had that discount 4 days ago for my printer cartridges!

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