If you’re brave enough to shop today. . .

By Mir
December 26, 2006
Category Hot Hot Hot!

… there are certainly some deals to be had. I, myself, could not be paid enough to venture into a mall today, but that’s me.

If you’re headed to Macy’s, you might want this 15% off savings pass. Consider it my small and inconsequential after-Christmas gift to you.

Oh, and Target is not only 50% off on Christmas stuff today, they’ve begun their annual toy clearance at most stores. Just in case your gift closet needs replenishing.


  1. Thanks but I didn’t buy a single item in stores for the holidays and I wouldn’t DREAM of shopping today. The good DC area malls are crazy ordinarily and today? I can just IMAGINE!

    For those wanting to to holiday shopping online! LOL Sur La Table’s clearance started and there’s some nice stuff. Amazon’s Gold Box is the V2 Robosapien for $99 (50% off) (won’t let my son know that) and Joanne’s continues to have bigger and bigger sales online too with free shipping. I couldn’t resist something at Sur La table, but I put the credit card fast! LOL


  2. Merry Christmas, Mir! I gave two plasma cars and one video camera yesterday thanks to you, and all were very enthusiastically received. Thank you!

  3. My Target’s candle aisle was also heavily clearanced today!! 30% off, I believe?

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