Half off, through Thursday EDITED

By Mir
December 27, 2006

Now through Thursday, December 28th, take half off your total purchase at Coldwater Creek with coupon code WJH4532. Through December 31st, take 70% off with code WJH4537! Remember to check out the outlet for the best deals.

(Sorry for the light posting the last few days; we’re recovering from the holiday and languishing with germs, now. I’ll try to be back on top of things ASAP.)


  1. No apologies needed. It’s Christmas, after all. Make some chicken soup and rest and recover. Your “fans” will still be here.

  2. Yes, Daisy, I second that comment! Those of us with houseguests haven’t been able to check wantnot in our usual (fanatical?!) way, so I figure it all evens out in the end.

    Besides, I’m sick of shopping, unless of course it’s a great deal!

  3. Hope those germs are defeated quickly!

  4. Hope you’re feeling better soon! Like they Daisy and Andrea said, we’ll be here. 🙂

  5. 70% – thank you!

    P.S. That brings the cable knit hats in the outlet down to $1.80 each – might be good if your favorite organization does a “Tree of Warmth” each year…

  6. Woo-hoo! This came just in time to replenish my gift closet. Lots of nice sashes and scarfs in the outlet. Thanks.

  7. 70% off–Thank you! Time to do the birthday shopping. And–GET Well soon!

  8. Hope you get well soon!!

  9. Oh beautiful Mir! For less than $100, I got nine items: a dress, a skirt, two blouses, shoes, scarf, purse, earrings, and a watch.

  10. I tried to get a ceramic bowl and this is what it said when I tried to check out. I did not go further since I had no idea how much was going to be charged on my credit card. It never showed the 70% off. Did any one else have problems>>

    We are currently performing system maintenance and will not be able to reflect the total cost of your order. However, you may continue through checkout and your order will be processed as soon as possible. We’ll send a confirmation e-mail including order number and detailed order information directly following the completion of your order in our system.

  11. Jennifer, I got that same message, and I too wasn’t going to order without a total. I tried again with 1 item instead of 2 and it worked! I got an unframed landscape print for $5.10 by an artist represented at the gallery I once worked for. Woohoo…thank you Mir!! Great deal for my empty walls!

  12. OMG, thank you thank you thank you! I got $451 worth of clothes (2 pants, 3 sweaters, 2 tees, a jacket, a crocheted cardigan I’ve been wanting forever now, and a two-piece dress set) for $160 with shipping & tax included. *BIG HAPPY SIGH*

  13. Mir- you rock. I got a leather jacket, a long black skirt, a velvet tunic, a white dress shirt, and two boatnecks for 100- my order total before the coupon was 400- Even my husband said I needed to go for it-
    thank you!

  14. check this out!
    Total Product $: 373.00
    Adjustments: -261.10
    Product$: 111.90

    p.s you are really really pretty!!!!!!

  15. Amazing deals on such pretty things!

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