Free small photo book (pay shipping)

By Mir
January 2, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

This is a nice one for grandparents, or—if you’re the thinking ahead sort!—Valentine’s Day.

Go to Photoworks and use coupon code C446-38-5153-41 for a free small photo book. They’re normally $12.95 for 20 pages; with the code, get it for just the $4.50 shipping cost.

Not sure when this one expires. But surely someone wants 20 pictures of the kids. Or your shoes. Something.


  1. Great find! I going to do a Christmas 2006 photobook with all the best pictures from this year! Thanks!!

  2. This is an awesome gift!!! Way nicer than the flickr ones.

  3. Sweet. Easy upload of photos, fast site and nice designs. Valentines Day for the hubby is DONE!

  4. The code still worked today, as I got SUCKED into this. I was a determined woman! Seriously, it was fun and very user-friendly (more so than some other photo sites) but I was uploading photos from all over the place for many hours.

    I’m VERY happy with my lil’ book though, and hope my hubby will be thrilled with it for Valentine’s Day!

    Thanks again, Mir!!

  5. I used the code today after spending days organizing a book covering the past year. I love this site! 56 photos on 20 pages for $4.49. Awesome.

  6. I used the code today – it still worked!
    Thanks Mir!

  7. I wasted WAY too much time, but had loads of fun doing the highlights of the last year. I’m thinking this is a great idea to have a small yearly book (since I’m so far behind on scrapbooking & it’d get best of the pictures off the computer and in a “look at able” format). The code still worked today. Thanks for passing this on!

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