Now with slightly less ugly

By Mir
January 2, 2007

I’ve never really understood the Birkenstocks craze; although the newer styles are better than the old standards, they’re just… well… clunky. Most of them. I hear they’re comfortable and all of that, but they’ve never spoken to me. (What, shoes don’t speak to you?)

Anyway, I happened upon this and my first reaction was “Wow! Great price!” and then my second reaction was, “Hey! Not quite as ugly as they used to be!” So there you have it.

Check out this Amazon deal on Birkenstock Eaton clogs; they’re selling them at $49.90, down from $119.95. It’s a great price, and less ugly is always a good thing, too.


  1. Maybe MARGINALLY less ugly. I’m all for comfort, but if I’m paying that much for shoes, they better be pretty too. I just go with the Wal-muerte knock-offs for about $7: ugly, yes, but comfy and dirt-cheap.

  2. My daughter (14 year old) wears the Target brand. We call them fake-enstocks.

    Works for her, works for me.

  3. i love, love, love my birkies but those clogs are hideous.

  4. Hey, I got ’em. Haters.;-)

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