Free tin of almonds

By Mir
January 4, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Almonds are supposedly good for all sorts of things, like patching tires and scaring away intruders. Wait. No. Hang on. Oh! Almonds are supposed to be a natural appetite suppressant and also good for your heart. That’s it. (I always get a little confused about those.)

Get your own personal-sized tin full of California almonds to try and enjoy. Then use the tin as a portion-control device for future snacks. Like brownies. Thanks, Andrea!


  1. Awesome – thanks!

  2. Yum! Food giveaways are the best.

  3. Cool! Thanks a bunch for the brownies tip, too. 😛

  4. Yippee! I love almonds! Thanks pretty, pretty Mir.

  5. Thanks for the tip…my son will love the tin.

  6. I think it’s just the tin they are giving away, but I’m not sure. It’s an awfully cute tin. I filled the form out seven times- it doesn’t say you can’t, or that it is only one per household- Maybe I’ll get them all!!!

  7. This looks so cute! I sent one to my daughter at her dorm address, too. I hope she gets there (she’s home on break now) before the nuts do. I mean…never mind.

  8. Yummy! Thank you Mir!

  9. Got mine today!!

  10. I got mine today!! They were yummy!!! Thank you mir!!You are beautiful!

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