Mmmmm. . . waffles

By Mir
January 4, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

How popular would I be if I ponied up with this baby right here?

Answer: So popular.

My children would live on waffles if I allowed it, and with this here contraption you can turn just about any batter into finger-friendly waffle sticks. That’s particularly handy if your kids (like mine) have become adept at sniffing out whole grains in their pancakes. Every food is more fun (and less suspect) when you can pick it up!

This unit is remanufactured (hence the bargain price), but it may be worth a try if you’ve been wanting one of these. I have a friend who raves about hers, and buying this one seems easier than bumping her off and making it look like an accident. Er, I mean, borrowing hers. What?


  1. I have this one… LOVE it. And I even paid full price for it.

  2. (feeling stupid) Where is the link? I don’t see it.

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