Stock up on diapers

By Mir
January 4, 2007

Amazon is running another diapers special for the month of January: Spend $99 on qualifying Huggies products, get $30 off your total order with coupon code HUGGIE30.

Go through the link to see the products that count towards this promotion; in addition to diapers, Pull-Ups and GoodNites, there’s also things like lotion and hair detangler.

Yes, some of the items are marked down in that stupid, negligible way that Amazon loves (“You save 1%! Woo!”), but 30% off is pretty good, and my recollection of having kids in diapers was that buying by the case was usually the way to go, anyway.


  1. Watch out for the “usually ships within four to six weeks” note, like it says on our much used size fours.

  2. Thanks Mir! I’ve been waiting for this deal to come back. I got 260 size 5’s for just $70! (with free 2 day shipping thanks to Amazon Prime)

  3. Bare with me on this…Just some help on this diaper thing….if you have a COSTCO, go there. Their size 5’s Huggies are basically the same price as ordering from Amazon, even with the $30 off deal. A case of sz 5 at Costco with 176 diapers in it is $37.99 and you don’t have to wait for them to ship. If you double that and get 2 cases at Costco, which is 352 diapers, you pay $75.98. If you order from Amazon and get 4 sets of 88 (also 352 diapers) in sz 5 diapers at $26.44 each that totals to $105.76, then minus $30 and your total is $75.76 for 352. Only a .22 cents difference…I don’t think that big .22 cents is worth the wait on shipping. LOL

    SO, do whatever is easier…if you want to wait and not go to the store, get them at Amazon…if you can run down the street to Costco, then go there. ;)BUT, if you want to buy the Costco Brand, KIRKLAND, then you will save a lot more than the huggies….we used to use those too and they are fine.
    Wheewh, I am tired after that. 🙂
    PS. I bet Sam’s has them for a good deal too, if you are a Sam’s person…or a BJ’s if you have those.

  4. Darn it, they are all sold out of the size 5 and the wipes.

  5. Costco is definitely a great deal, but living in the city, it’s kind of a pain to lug the big boxes up to my apartment. Delivery rocks!
    (oh, and delivery also saves me the pain of taking two kids to Costco. Because, truly, that is painful.)

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