Can you even say “Friday” without adding “sale?”

By Mir
January 5, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I know that I can’t. Because! Friday! Is! Amazon! Friday! Sale! day!

(Too much? I think maybe that was too much. I shall try to reign in my exclamation points in the future.)

I’m having a hard time picturing what would make me pay $800 (on sale) for a desk chair, and I may have figured it out, but because this is a family blog I can’t actually share.

Likewise, I’m wondering exactly how germphobic and rich you have to be before this trash can seems like a good idea. (I still don’t know, but I bet most of the people who own them also have one of these sitting on their kitchen counters….)

These water-resistant blankets make nice gifts, and that’s the cheapest I’ve seen them ($20, 50% off). They’re perfect for picnics or the beach, and the fact that they come in their own totes (and in cute prints, too—I’m a bit in love with the ladybug pattern) is just a bonus.

Basketball, anyone?

I actually received the Cuisinart knock-off of this stick blender for Christmas, and I love it beyond all reason. The Friday Sale price on the white is 58% off, making it comparable (or cheaper) to the lesser brands. If you like to cook, this is a wonderful little tool to have. (And yes, I have a stand mixer, a hand mixer, and a food processor… there are just times when it’s nice to garner the same results without lugging out the big machinery.)

If you haven’t picked up the Calphalon everyday pan yet (and I think most of us have, because it’s often on sale), it’s a great versatile piece to have, and they’re practically giving them away at that price.

That was so exciting, I think I have to go lie down, now.


  1. heh…our conference room office chairs at my workplace are $800 for the CHEAP version…$1000 if you want the exact model we have. soooo nice!! i’d love one, but i think i’ll wait until they’re $30 each. haha.

  2. Hello. My name is Stephanie. And I am addicted to the Amazon Friday Sale. It’s been one day since I’ve ordered from Amazon. I think I’ve had this conversation with you before. Well, admitting it is the first step.

  3. Oh, Pretty Mir:

    I DO have that coffee grinder (in stainless steel/gray), but it was a birthday gift. I didn’t actually pay for it, so why do I feel shame?

    I am happy to say I’m not buying the trashcan for myself . . . but my birthday is coming up soon.

    (still feeling the shame even though it’s the best.grinder.ever.)

  4. Personally if I’m buying a trash can (a trash can, people!) for over $100, it better take the trash out to the big can too. Wouldn’t want to touch the bag and get any germs on you!

    I just emailed my hubby at work about that hoop…great deal, I think.

    I think my stick blender is Krups and it is so great for smoothies and milkshakes.

    Happy Friday everyone!

  5. I love this comment on the trash can: “Prevents contamination of germs”. Because I really do prefer my germs to be uncontaminated.

  6. Is it a bad sign that I got excited when I saw 200 tampons for $20?

  7. I was just at Costco yesterday and they had a infrared trash can that looks a lot like this one. Theirs is only $35 or so, I couldn’t find it on their website, but I know they have them.

  8. Dude, I have been lusting after a stick blender for way too long. Ok, maybe lusting isn’t the right word to you. But the reviews seem to put it as the god of stick blenders, and I do love my Kitchen Aid. I think I deserve an early birthday present.

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