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By Mir
January 8, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

If you go sign up to be on the Noxzema Shaving Squad (translation: let them have your junk e-mail address so they can send you exciting emails about how you should buy their products), Noxzema will send you one of their new 4-blade razors for free.

I like free razors. Of course, I’m just waiting for them to invent the leg-length 34-blade razor so that you can just pretty much hold it up to your calf and be done with it. But in the meantime, hey, four blades! Woo!


  1. These razors are horrible or at least the batch I got really cheap since I had a coupon. The blades are so dull, I had to shave my legs again the next day. Shaving legs twice in one week is totally unacceptable, especially in the winter.

  2. Thanks!

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