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By Mir
January 9, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Hey, what a surprise! is running another 60% off deal! Use coupon code Member to take 60% off your total order of already-reduced dining coupons. Looks like this one expires tomorrow night (January 10th, 2007) so don’t dawdle.

$25 certificates are going for $4 after coupon, and $10 certificates for $1.80.

Consider checking them again, if you’ve checked before and not found anything. (I keep checking back, because they’re “adding new restaurants all the time,” but there’s still nothing there for me. The joys of living in the sticks!)


  1. I don’t live in the sticks, and there was nothing for me in a 25 mile radius! I guess I should expand my search, since Topeka is only an hour away, but still…

    Thanks for all these great deals!

  2. Has anyone used these? I’m curious about the rules. Since we have a family of 7 I logging in and placed a few from a restaurant in my cart. Just as I was about to pay, I read the fine print that says you can only use one coupon per month. If so, it would save me a little money, but not a huge amount considering what I’d spend. Am I missing something here? Are these just little discounts off the total bill, and not bonafide ginormous discounts? I’d love to hear other’s experience. Thanks, Kean

  3. A couple of years ago, one of our local restaurants participated and we used many certificates. They were great! Spent a couple bucks for $25 certificates. As far as the “fine print,” I’d guess that would depend on the restaurant where you were redeeming the certificate. I know we used a couple certificates a month at the same restaurant with no problem. (If this is deal-breaker for you, you might want to call the restaurant and ask what their policy is.) actually has pretty decent customer service also. When our local restaurant closed, and we still had some certificates left, they refunded my money for the unused certificates.

  4. Kris,
    Could you use, say 3 certificates for the same meal, effectively getting a 75.00 meal for the cost you paid on the cert? (9 bucks, or whatever)

    We are planning a trip to NYC and I thought I could buy like 4 cert. for each restaurant we wanted to try and thus my costs for eating out would be TINY. But if I can only use 1 per meal, it helps, but it’s no huge deal.Thanks, Kean

  5. Somewhere on my coupons, it said you can only use one coupon per table, even if you have multiple “checks” at your table.

    We used a $25 one at a local restaurant last week and they took it no problem. It did help with the bill! I just ordered two more.

  6. Blairzoo, you can’t do that… sorry! But we’ve gone to several restaurants and used the certificates more than once per month without any problems.

    Also, the certificates are good for a year. I printed a ton of them so we can try new restaurants or have a date night without feeling as guilty about spending the money.

  7. Thanks everyone!

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