$10 off your $39 glasses

By Mir
January 10, 2007
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I have expounded before (at length! verbose, much?) on my opinions about prescription eyewear. I still maintain that your very best bet is a small, independently owned optical shop. However, I was chided in comments and by email that some of the discount internet-order places are really quite good.

So, I’m amending my position (slightly). By all means, buy your sunglasses or your back-up pair or—in the case of those of us with small children in specs—your kid’s emergency pair from this place without too much worry. And so long as you’re doing that, why not get the best deal? Use coupon code Winter10 to take $10 off your total purchase. Coupon is good through March 15th, 2007.

(And no, not all of their glasses are $39. But most of them are. I guess mostly39dollarglassesexceptforthegooddesignerstuff.com was already taken.)


  1. I love that place! My glasses weren’t $39 since I have really poor vision and have to get the lenses compressed (i.e. smashed down so they don’t look so Coke-bottle-ish). But I only paid $118, which is more than $100 less than the cheapest place I have found.

  2. Hey! I am wearing my 39dollarglasses right now! (Am waiting for my next batch of contacts to come from coastalcontacts.com, $5 off my order with coupon code CABIN.) As I only wear glasses when I either run out of contacts or have rubbed my eyes after petting the dog, I picked out a pair from the $39 selection. Style-wise, vision-wise, they’re just fine. The only problem is that I have a small head, and the glasses are made for an average-sized head. If I want to work out while wearing them, I have to secure them to my skull with a big rubber band. Yes indeed, I am a stylish woman.

    Having to push your glasses back up your nose is part of the Sexy Librarian look, right?

  3. holy cow, what a great deal!!!! thanks, Mir!

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