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By Mir
January 15, 2007

Are you a TurboTax devotee? Consider checking out TaxACT this year, instead. Word has it that it’s comparable to TurboTax, and the standard version is completely free. Even the most expensive version is only $15.95.

If your taxes are relatively straightforward and you generally e-file, it’s worth a look.


  1. I second this! I used TaxACT last year and was very satisfied with their site and service. You mentioned the refund for federal telephone excise taxes recently — TaxACT prompts you for this and many other credits and deductions. Simple to use, and a heck of a lot cheaper than any human tax preparer.

  2. This will make year 3 of TaxAct for us. We love it! It asks us about things we didn’t know were deductible/credits or wouldn’t have thought to deduct.

  3. i’m a TaxAct luh-ver tooo!!! 🙂 easy enough for my silly behind to figure out 🙂

  4. We’ve used it for a few years now also and trust me and other commentors, it is so great. Easy to use and you can’t beat the price. They do charge you to deposit your return into your account but we’ve always paid it.


  5. Maybe I should give it another try, I used it a few years back and it kept asking me for all kinds of way-out-there info that the IRS doesn’t even need and I didn’t even have any more . . maybe they follow the tax forms more closely now?

  6. We’ve been using TaxAct Online for five years now and couldn’t be happier. I just started inputting our info for this year. As each tax document comes through in the mail, I input the data and before you know it, I’m done and the refunds our in our bank account shortly after.

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