Got gift wrap?

By Mir
January 16, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Pretty reader Erin sent along the following:

Hey Mir—

I work at a local Hallmark Gold Crown store, and thought you (and my fellow Want Not readers) might be interested to know that Hallmark Gold Crown Stores currently have all of their everyday gift wrap on sale. Our store just marked it all down to 75% off today (from the 50% off it’s been since Xmas). It’s a great chance to stock up on really nice gift wrap, bags and bows for super-cheap. Some of the bags are as inexpensive as a quarter–but even the biggest, fanciest, most expensive bag would only be $1.25 at that discount.

Anyway—thought you might want to know! The sale continues until the last bits are gone… Hallmark is re-doing their everyday wrap starting… pretty much now, actually.

We are housebound in the ice, so I won’t be venturing out for gift wrap today, but perhaps you will. Thanks for letting us know, Erin!


  1. Yes, thanks Erin! I hate spending a lot of money on wrapping paper that is just going in the trash.

  2. Thanks for sharing, Erin! I’ll try to head to my Hallmark store after we thaw out.

    My favorite place to shop for this type of stuff (when it’s not on really good sale at nicer places) is the Dollar Tree. Dollar General/Family Dollar are cheap, too, but Dollar Tree has the best deals for gift bags.

    I also stock up on cute notecards there (the ones in packages of 8 or 10). I use them all the time to give little notes to my students or for thank you notes.

  3. You’re all so very welcome! I thought it was a great deal and stocked up myself (on Batman-themed paper for my nearly-30-year-old fiance, mind you, among other things). Hope it works out for all of you!

    (And Rachel May, I totally hear you on the Dollar Store gift wrap–it’s cute and cheap and we’ve got a bunch of it!)

  4. Maybe I’m a little weird, but I haven’t had to buy non-holiday gift wrap in years because I save gift bags and etc. from things I receive. (I don’t save used gift wrap, though– not worth it, and usually looks bad once it’s been folded.)

    Once every three years or so, I have to buy a roll of Christmas wrap, because I just don’t have enough Christmas wrapping to do all the gifts. But then I buy something I absolutely love at full price if necessary, because I’ll have to wrap with it for at least two years.

    The Sunday comics make good kid gift wrap, and they’re free. For adults, I like flattening brown paper grocery bags and then using them as gift wrap, tied with that ropy postal-package twine. (“Brown paper packages tied up with string..”)

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