A good cause with a sweepstakes

By Mir
January 17, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

January is National Cervical Cancer Awareness Month. (It’s okay; I didn’t know either.) Some of you might remember this “Make the Connection” freebie, which you probably haven’t received yet, because they’re on backorder. However, those of you who signed up did cause Merck to donate research monies.

And guess what! Now that you’ve made the connection, you can Make the Commitment and Merck will donate money (again!) for cancer research and prevention. And this time, instead of promising everyone cheap bracelets, you’ll be entered into a sweepstakes for an expensive bracelet. Woo!

So go make the big drug company with deep pockets give something back. And let me know if you win.

(Thanks, Mary!)


  1. ya know, your post makes me think of something (OTHER than cervical cancer..)..

    i wonder if it’s possible for you to implement a listing of all of the freebies you’ve signed up for, as well as if you’ve received them or not. my mail folks have a habit of not delivering things, so i was curious as to whether the freebies that are seeming to take forever to get here are actually even being mailed out..

    as if you didn’t have enough hours in the day already. could we make it like a reader-run thing, maybe? so we can get all sorts of input?


  2. I already got my bracelet kit from before, but I think I did it way before Mir posted it…possibly before this site even existed Rest assured, the kits are actually going to come in the mail eventually. For real.

  3. Haha..it’s not the kit I’m concerned about…it’s just a general trove of other items. Even the things that say they’ll take 8 weeks, have taken much much longer. 🙁 I want my something for nothing! 😛

  4. I got my kit a few weeks ago, actually. 🙂

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