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By Mir
January 22, 2007
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Do you have a cellular phone? Do you have a job outside the home?

You may be eligible for an employee discount on your monthly bill, and you don’t even know it. Even very small companies often qualify for percentage-off savings on wireless service.

Finding out is as simple as plugging in your email address.

Cingular users check here.

Sprint/NexTel users check here.

Verizon users check here.


  1. is there a page like that for Tmobile? My husband’s work is with Tmobile and when his contract is up in April we’ll be switching to them, I think they give a discount but I’m not 100%

  2. Kristen: I was unable to find any info on this online for T-Mobile (I did look). I’d call their customer service and ask.

  3. I qualified! Thanks! The page did not tell me what kind of discount I qualified for, but it said I would notice a difference soon.

  4. thanks Mir 🙂 very pretty of yah to check it out for me 🙂

  5. I’ll look into it, but we’re probably already discounted through my Husband’s employer. I never pass up a discount!

  6. Thanks, Mir, for the terrific lead. I made a mistake, however, when trying to register my service – I’m sharing so others might avoid it. With Verizon, they ask for your work email and then send you information on whether you may be eligible for an employee discount. I am — YAY! So I followed a link to the Verizon site to register my cell phone # and then was informed that (get this…) I wasn’t paying enough for my service contract to warrant a discount. I just now realized that, because my husband and I have two phones on a family share plan and, by chance, I hold the phone with the $10 “secondary line”, I messed up my initial attempt to register. I don’t know if I’ll be able to re-register using the primary line #, but the website is not responding now. Sigh. Guess I’ll try again tomorrow.

  7. WATCH OUT — giving Cingular the ol’ work email means they’ll spam you at it. I had to go opt out of their “communications” with me.

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