Babies on sale

By Mir
January 23, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

SALE NOW at the BabyCenter StoreJust look at that baby; so cute, and up to 60% off! I’m tempted!

What’s that? It’s not the actual baby on sale? Oh, well then. Forget it. What in the world am I going to do with carseats and cribs and diapers and adorable clothing if I don’t have a baby? That would just be silly.

(Maybe you have a baby. Maybe you’d like to check out the sale. Free shipping on orders of $49+ with coupon code FREESHIP49, by the way.)


  1. Yes, but I hear on sale babies poop, throw-up, and cry more than full price babies. 😉 Also, do you know what 40% of the baby you will actually get? I mean if you are promised the toes and the baby head smell — without the butt, maybe this is a good deal. But if you a dippled knee and the diaper dirtying end….ok — I’ve thought about this WAY too much now.

  2. Just yesterday my two-and-a-half-year-old son talked about getting a baby at the baby store. We were next door to a Babies R Us and he heard me say to myself, “what did I want to get at the baby store?”. Certainly not another baby.

  3. So that’s where babies come from! Oh, thank goodness. I can stop teaching that nasty human reproduction unit in science.

  4. Found an awesome restaurant-style highchair there for $28. I’ve been wishing for one of those so that I can pull the kiddo’s chair up to our table and get rid of the awkward tray thing.


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