I love the feeling of frostbite on Friday

By Mir
January 26, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

That’s a total lie. I don’t love the feeling of frostbite, ever. But at least on a Friday, I know we don’t have to stand outside waiting for the bus the next day. Woo!

Also on Friday, I can put the kids on the bus and then come back inside and comfort myself with my nice soft robe, a cup of really hot tea, and the Amazon Friday Sale.

Today I’d like to hand out some Friday Sale awards, because there are just so many wonderful candidates.

In the No, seriously, what the…? Category, the winner is: this beauty. (And what a bargain at 54% off!)

In the Honestly, why would you spend the money on a CHI when you could have this instead Category, the winner is: this BaByliss flat iron.

In the By “Eurobaby” they must mean “lightly gilded with the finest grade platinum on the market” Category, the winner is: this lovely pram.

In the I’d really hoped the corset would come back into favor Category, the winner is: this enticing device. (Beautiful and functional! If you are a 1800s school marm!)

In the Ack, I can’t decide how much hand blender I need Category, we have a tie! The winners are the red and the black KitchenAids. So pretty! So shiny!

In the Hey, look, it’s my pots Category, the winner is: this Circulon set, which is just $154.99 after coupon code CLEAROUT. (Also look at the deal details on the product page, if you’re interested, because adding another Circulon item to get your pre-coupon total above $200 entitles you to a free Circulon dutch oven, which is a really nice piece. In fact, may I suggest this sauteuse to put you over the limit? That is a lot of Circulon for under $200, people.)

In the Just in case you’re too lazy to feed your pets Category, the winner is: this contraption!

In the All it needs is a basket Category, the winner is: shiny red bicycle.

In the They had me at “Robotoolz” Category, the winner is: this laser level.

And finally, in the Uh oh, I think I have to buy this Category, the winner is: this shiny breadmaker. (That’s an insane price, and it gets great reviews. My finger is hovering over it right now.)

Happy Friday, everyone!


  1. Woot.com should be really sad that you are not a contributing writer. You crack me up, especially on Fridays!


  2. ok so my question to you pretty Mir is exactly how much time do you spend surfing amazon to find these beauties??? and also, is it bad that I spend money online EVERY SINGLE DAY thanks to you???

  3. Okay, my husband is getting that laser level for Valentine’s day. Romantic, huh? Thanks, Mir.

    Maybe if I’m very lucky, I’ll get the Swarovski hairdryer. What the heck?

  4. …my mom has a red KitchenAid mixer, and today’s her birthday, so she gets a red blender to match! Thanks, Mir! (If you spend $125, use coupon CLEAROUT to save $25 in home/kitchen areas on Amazon…)

  5. I have the Breadman Ultimate and really love it. That shiny ine looks even more ultimate.

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