20% off coupon for Big Lots

By Mir
January 29, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Thanks to the multitudes of folks who mailed this one in: If you sign up for Big Lots’ Buzz Club, you’ll receive a coupon for 20% off. Supposedly there are other benefits to joining as well, but I am all about the coupon, baybee.

(Note: When I joined, the coupon it generated for me was good for this week, Saturday to Saturday, only. Keep that in mind if you decide to sign up on a Friday; I’m not sure how they decide the time frame.)

Of course, I don’t think I’ve ever spent more than $20 at Big Lots in a single run, before, either. But they do sell larger items, and the coupon may come in handy if you—unlike me—enjoy shopping there for more than cheap granola bars.


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