End-of-season clearance, mid-season

By Mir
January 29, 2007

I just love how retailers are claiming an end-of-season clearance just as it feels like said season is starting to get underway. I mean, in retail-ese, it’s time to make way for spring! Yet, here in the actual world, it sure feels like winter, still.

(I never claimed to understand how the big corporate retailing machine works. I just claimed to like pretty things, for less money.)

Anyway, I can’t stop browsing the Eddie Bauer Outlet winter clearance, because they have an awful lot of pretty stuff for a lot less money than usual. Maybe you’ve had your eye on something for a while, but couldn’t justify the cost. Maybe it’s on sale now. You won’t know unless you check. You know you want to.

(I really missed my vocation as a drug dealer, you know?)

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  1. I love all your shopping tips. Yours is the one blog I don’t share with my partner. Let’s just say he thinks I don’t need any help in shopping.

    My background was in corporate retail so I can shed a little light on the off season calendar. Retail seasons have to be off of the actual season because so many people start early. The holidays are a good example. It starts early because that is when the majority of shoppers starting asking for it. I’ve actually been working in stores in July and have had people ask me when christmas decorations are coming in!

    Thanks for some great deals over the past year.

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