You all can just Woot Off

By Mir
January 30, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Did I forget to put my deodorant on yesterday? I mean, I know it was sort of a slim day for deals, and I know I was gone for part of the day, but c’mon. Where’s the love?

Hmph. Fine. See if I care. Today you can go spend the day refreshing the Woot Off if that’s how you’re gonna be.


  1. Bwaaahahahaaha!! The deoderant crack made me LOL, because, you see, there are no less than four extra deoderants floating around between work, home, car, purse, etc. That’s one of my worst fears is that some teenager will come up to me at school and smell B.O. and it will be all over school in two minutes that Mrs. P. forgot her deoderant.

    Why, yes, I’m the TEACHER. I know it sounds adolescent to be worried about that, but, and you can trust me on this, not all teens are.

  2. Oh, beautiful Mir, we are still here and we still love you!!!! I checked in a few times yesterday, but since it’s the end of the month, I’m a’waitin’ on the payday tomorrow.

  3. Oh, great! There goes my day. I should have stayed home sick today instead of yesterday. Darn Woot offs.
    I have about four or five bars of sample deoderant floating around, and I still forget sometimes. And if I’ve neglected to shave for a while, it gets really nasty. Somehow that doesn’t register on my priorities, what with getting the kid fed and dressed and all.

  4. oh good glory…THAT ^ was too much info from Ms. Stephanie…haha.

    my excuse is simply that unless it’s free, i can’t afford it. lol. i’m saving up to buy my first car, and, while you’re ever-so-pretty, it’s best i don’t click on the “suchagooddealyoumustBUYME” links. otherwise i’ll be having the same excuse this time next year 😛

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