Awesome baby carriers, special for Want Not readers

By Mir
January 31, 2007

This one is so good, it makes me wish I still had a baby. (Do you think my 7-year-old will let me carry him in a sling? Wait, don’t answer that; he’d probably love it, and I’d end up with a herniated disc.)

Sometimes, very good things happen as a result of this website. Yesterday, one of those good things happened: Heather of MaMaMade Products contacted me to ask if I’d like to offer my readers a special discount on her company’s gorgeous baby carriers.

Did I want to offer my readers a special discount? Does a bear… ah… nevermind. I said “Yes, please!”

There are three different styles and numerous funky fabrics from which to choose. And right now, Want Not readers can enjoy 25% off their purchases through this link. Check it out if you have a baby, or are going to have a baby, or know someone who needs a baby gift. This offer is good through February 28th, 2007.

Thanks, Heather!


  1. Awwww! All those pictures of babies is making me melt. Do you think if I bought slings for my two sisters (both married) that they’d get the hint and become pregnant? I’m never going to be an aunt…

  2. I love you and Heather; my sister will love you and pretty, pretty Heather!

  3. I want one to carry my CAT around in. Pyscho, I know. But she’s my baby, so there. (My baby-babies are 19 & 22 and definitely not carriable. Though my daughter once did say “ever up” meaning she wanted to be carried ALWAYS but I thought she was saying she had to throw up and her brother had to translate and I thought that was just the cutest thing ever but I digress.)

    If anyone has an old raggie baby carrier, I’d be willing to talk…after all, I SUPPOSE it is JUST a cat.

    Now, who do you suppose is prettier…Mir…Heather…my cat…or me!??

    Just wondering…I’m sure it’s a four-way tie 😉 NO NO!! MIR!! It’s MIR!! hands down!!!

  4. Mir, you’re so pretty and have perfect timing. The last thing I have to buy is a sling. My wife already has hers. I need the Urban Camo one to match my green camo sling diaper bag. No one will ever see me or the baby.

  5. Bwahaha, Nancy! Yesterday I determined that my 35-inch 10 month old can’t fit into my old sling – he’s only so flexible. Email me if you want it….I want to see your cat’s face if you can successfully keep him/her in a sling.

    And Bwahaha, Lovely Mir! I was just thinking that I needed a Mei Tai for him! With the WantNot discount and the “mothering” discount, I got $20 off. Thank you!

  6. Oh, um, it didn’t publish my email. It’s mrscedATgmailDOTcom

  7. Hi,

    Heather here, and while I am pretty, Mir is much, much prettier.
    Just wanted to chime in on the cat carrying comment. I have a ton of customers who buy a carrier for their animals. Toy dogs, cats, etc. Besides being adorable, it makes for the best jokes.
    🙂 If anyone wants just a plain cotton for a pet, email me.
    Also, thanks for the comments, you all have made my day.

  8. Geez, Heather, and here I thought I was psycho. You are pretty AND a source of cheap therapy.

    I think I’ve progressed from ‘psycho’ to ‘wierd.’

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