Pasta and charity

By Mir
January 31, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Thanks to Karen for this one: Barilla has put together a cookbook of pasta recipes from celebrities. This frightened me a little, frankly, because what if Ashley Judd just eats two strands of spaghetti sprayed with butter-flavored Pam, or something? But it’s okay, because then they had Mario Batali and Giada De Laurentiis work on the recipes. (And even though Batali wears bright orange Crocs and De Laurentiis is the Food Network’s answer to porn, they’re real chefs, so the recipes should be palatable.)

Anyway, you can download the whole cookbook here, and for every download, Barilla will donate a dollar to America’s Second Harvest to help feed the needy. You even get to choose whether they donate to the national campaign or to your local area.

Even if you don’t want the cookbook, your download is a contribution to charity. So go download it. You can delete it afterwards if it’s lousy.


  1. Giada always reminds me of a bobble head. hehe

  2. Thanks for this! I know what I’m making tonight for dinner, and Second Harvest is a great charity.

    I do the cooking, and I make at least two Giada dishes every week. Easy to make, not a lot of prep or cook time or money, and the Food Network site has all of her recipes for free. Looks like these Barilla recipes are in the same style.

    Mario is a food deity for me. His short ribs recipe with horseradish gremolata (Google it, you’ll find it) will make you weep it’s so good. Shred the short ribs before serving. Perfect for a winter weekend dinner.

  3. This sounds neat, Mir. Although I don’t believe that Giada eats her own cooking. I know they show her tasting stuff on her show, but I’ll bet she spits it out in a bucket right off camera. That girl is way too skinny to be eating any kind of pasta on a regular basis.

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