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By Mir
January 31, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

How about something that’s actually delicious and fresh and a good gift and never referred to as a “slider?”

online sale at Harry and DavidNow, I know; I know that Harry and David is not cheap. But they do have online sales and specials, and their stuff—particularly their fruit—is to die for. This isn’t something you’re going to buy every day (unless you’ve got a lot of money, and in which case I am coming over to your house for one of those pears RIGHT NOW), but as a wonderful gift or for a special occasion, I think it’s well worth the money as a splurge. Plus, you can use coupon code H14 to take an additional 14% off of your order. Combine that with a special, and you’re looking at a lot of yummy for not too much money.

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  1. I hate to let anyone else in on the secret (more for me, y’know?) but the Maverick pears are the best deal on the H&D site. Yeah, they aren’t as pretty as the normal Royal Rivieras, but they taste the same and they’re cheaper because they aren’t as pretty 😉

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