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By Mir
February 2, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

It’s Superbowl weekend, my friends. I am crying a little bit about the Patriots not being in the ‘bowl this year, and am therefore contractually obligated for root for “not the Colts,” but I shall try to enjoy the game, anyway. Before the big game, though, I have to get through the rest of the weekend. And you know how I like to start the weekend off with the Amazon Friday Sale.

Let’s see what they have, shall we?

I wish I had the sort of kitchen where I could just have one of these sitting on the counter and it would look totally natural. I don’t know what I’d use it for—other than weighing packages for eBay—but it just seems so professional, somehow. Sadly, my kitchen is much more likely to have something more like this on the counter. (Now you know how I get the kids to behave.)

Setting up a kid at college or in their first apartment? How about some affordable skillets for all those eggs they’ll be eating?

To be filed under “So cheesy I wanted it immediately”: Aloha, baby! (I know, I know. That was really tasteless. Here, go look at this lamp to clear your head.)

In the market for a workout? This elliptical trainer is 43% off, but when you figure the savings from the free shipping, I’d say it’s an even bigger bargain. That sucker is 177 pounds! Sorry, UPS Guy! Please don’t get a hernia!

Here’s a thought: If you’re willing to pay this for a comb, it’s possible you need professional help. Just sayin’.

And finally, don’t order these cookies. I can’t have that on my conscience. They are even deadlier than Girl Scout cookies. Avert your eyes!

Happy Friday, everyone! I know posting was a bit light this week (occasionally I do need to leave the computer and/or tend to other things); I’ll try to get back on track—including answering reader questions—next week.


  1. Ah…the Hit cookies ARE my favorite. Having lived in Germany, they were readily available. And since we are a military family, I can get these at our commissary. My favorite? The vanilla cookie with the chocolate filling….YUM!

  2. ok, what’s with the pocket rocket? I had no idea amazon sold that kind of thing.

  3. oh, wow, thanks for the link to the scale! I’ve been trying to find an inexpensive nice-looking one for MONTHS. you are the Queen of Pretty, ma’am.

  4. There were so many things I wanted to say about that comb that I had a neural misfire and can’t figure out where to start.

    And I just posted about lethal Girl Scout cookies last week, so I better not order those HIT ones you keep posting about.

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