You can get a “pleasure extender” for it, too

By Mir
February 4, 2007

On this Superbowl Sunday, I think it only fitting that I draw your attention to this fine item. Sure, it’s too late to get one for the big game today, but with a bit of careful planning, you could be ready to go in time for the World Series.

Oh! Or, you could give it as a gift for Valentine’s Day. Because nothing says “I love you,” like booze you can strap to your body.


  1. Whew. After the pleasure extender comment I was relieved to find it’s only for drinking pleasure.

  2. Hon, I can’t recommend your site to my friends with those kinds of posts. Seriously, I can’t. I love your site but that’s just over the line for me, and I can’t keep it in my bookmarks either & remain honest with myself. Sorry.

  3. Mmmm . . . booze you can strap to your body (does it make your body cold, or does the booze warm to body temperature?) AND drink from a BLADDER. Doesn’t that sound appealing?!

    Sign me up!

  4. Caya, you need a sense of humor. Lighten up a little bit. It’s FUNNY! and definitely retail gone wrong.

  5. Wow, someone didn’t click through the link to see what this was, huh? Come to Want Not for the bargains, stay for the not-actually-p0rn!

  6. *snort*

  7. “stay honest with myself” -? give me a break, HON!

  8. ROFLMAO @ “Because nothing says “I love you,” like booze you can strap to your body”!!!!

  9. And here I was hoping it was for some sort of vibrator. Sorry. I just can’t read you anymore if you are going to tease like that.

  10. Mir, too many of the men around my part of the country actually look like this with no additional padding.

  11. yes, where would you put this if you already had a beer belly? do they make this in fanny pack?

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