I just like to say “salad spinner”

By Mir
February 5, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Do you own a salad spinner? I don’t, but I’ve always wanted one. Because it’s so much fun to say. Salad spinner. Salad spinner! (Also: Is it hard to pat your salad with paper towels? Is the salad spinner somehow superior?)

Anyway. If you’re in the market for a salad spinner or other kitchen and household things, you may want to check out the Kitchen and Home One-Day Sale going on today at Amazon. They have—surprise!—a salad spinner marked way down, as well as all kinds of other things.

Click through the tabs at the top to see it all; there’s quite a few items I’ve never seen featured in either the Friday Sale or other sale events, before. Like, I just cannot stop squeeing over these sheets. (Frankly, I’m a little disappointed that I can’t get them in king size, because I totally would.)

if you’re a little more practical than me, this crock pot with a bonus “little dipper” crock pot might be more your speed. Whichever.


  1. Salad spinner is not as fun to say as salad shooter. It makes me think of paint ball, only with cherry tomatoes. And I imagine little guys with tall chef hats ducking and rolling behind counters.

  2. And salad shooter makes me think of a really gross joke. Although I like the idea of chef-style paint ball…

  3. A salad spinner can actually be a very useful thing to have if you have a lot of delicate hand-washables. It’s usually a bad idea to wring these items out and they dry much faster if you can get as much of the excess water out as possible. It’s like adding a spin cycle to your handwashing.

  4. I got the best kind of salad spinner (free) from my SIL. I always thought they were a little silly, but you know what? They really do work. I end up with about 1/2 cup of water in the bottom, far more than I ever got patting dry (plus I don’t waste paper towels — always eco conscious, you know) and the salad stays fresh a LOT longer too.

    Plus, my kids love it. Help in the kitchen is always worth it!

  5. I’ve been contemplating treating myself to a new crockpot. I use it at least once a week, and while totally useful and unbroken, it’s looking old. Like me. Sigh. No, maybe I should go for the THRILL of a salad spinner! Woo-hoo!!

  6. I, too, am squeeing (fun word!) over those sheets, Mir. And I would totally get them for our king size bed, despite what Knight may say.

    I would *definitely* get them if they came in crib-size! I’m even toying with getting a set and putting them away for when Jet gets a twin bed.

  7. Get yourself a salad spinner! The lettuce gets much drier and thus crispier in a spinner, and it’s a lot faster. Everyone needs one, especially if you make a lot of salad.

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