Get money back with Paypal

By Mir
February 10, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Shop anywhere you can use Paypal (including eBay!) between now and March 31st, and you can get $15 back on your $30+ purchase.

Maybe Paypal is finally feeling bad about all those fees. Hahahahaha. More likely that this is all part of their plan for world domination. But, you know, $15 is $15.


  1. Thanks, Mir! I just got Disney Crocs shipped for $20. Yay!!!

  2. I have used PP for YEARS (6?) and get most monies deposited to that account. BUT I am really sick of the fees tagged to each. Hmm – need to go shopping. Thanks muchly!

  3. Okay, well I *said* I got Disney Cros for $20, but I really meant that would be the case once the $15 was applied.

    Any idea how long it takes Paypal to credit my account? I ordered them this morning. I e-mailed them and have heard nothing in return… hmmm…

  4. When you read the fine print it says you will get your rebate by May 28, 2007. It also looks like you can’t use your debit card only your bank account attached to your paypal? If anyone else understands all this please post.

  5. Jennifer, thanks for clearing that up. Obviously I’m not very good at noticing fine print!

    That seems strange aboutthe debit card/bank account thingie. I’m glad I used my bank account…

  6. Thanks Mir! The rebate will help take the sting out of an ebay auction I won over the weekend.

  7. I thinkin’ PayPal is starting to feel a pinch from Google Shopping Cart. Competition is good… for the consumer.

  8. So, can you use a credit card paypal account? From other’s replies it sounds like you must have your back account set up with paypal to get the rebate. Where can I find these details?

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