Best. Bluetooth. Ever.

By Mir
February 12, 2007
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I recently got a new cell phone, and it makes phone calls and updates my calendar and checks my email and occasionally washes my car. It’s a marvelous phone. But the very best part is that I am now Bluetooth-enabled, which means the days of undoing my seatbelt in the car and strangling myself with my earpiece cord are behind me. Thankfully.

After trying multiple earpieces, I settled on the previous generation of this Jabra headset. I love mine very much, although I would’ve gotten this BT500 if it’d been this cheap when I got mine. This one is a bit lighter than the one I have (which is still quite light). At $29.99 with free shipping it’s a steal.

I swear to you that although my ears appear to be normal, they are apparently freakish in some way; all of the other headsets I tried would not stay in my ear. This design is brilliant. Not only does it stay, I actually forget that I’m wearing it. And then I realize I’ve become one of those people wandering around like a cyborg with a flashing light in my ear. Whoops.


  1. i am the robot king of the monkey things…compute…compute

  2. My new phone has speakerphone capability — no headset needed! It also has voice dial, but I’ve found that a little iffy. I tried calling my daughter and it dialed my mother. DD’s name sounds nothing like “Mom”.

  3. If only I could make my hearing aids look that cool!

  4. I just recently got the Jabra BT800. A bit more money, but it has Caller ID in the headpiece (no obviously you can not see it when you are wearing it), AND… tada… You can turn off the blue blinky light.

    But I have to admit, mine looks clunky next to the cool sleek design of yours.

  5. ARRRGGHHH, it has been over 3 weeks, and I still haven’t received my Jabra headset. After fighting with their overseas customer service via email about the lack of shipping information and no tracking information, I finally found a phone number to call. Unfortunately, they are telling me I have to wait another 5 days before they will credit me or send another one (but now the price is higher and they will charge me the new price!!) They cannot even prove that it was ever shipped, yet they refuse to credit me today.

    Yet another company I will have to refuse to do any further business with due to absolutely horrible customer service.

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