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By Mir
February 12, 2007
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Every now and then Overstock gives its affiliates a few special deals, because we’re pretty. And then you, by extension, get to be pretty! Er, I mean, you get to partake in the deals. You’re already pretty.

I’m particularly loving this batch, because it pretty much covers the three major geek groups. It’d be a little tight to get these in time for Valentine’s Day (though you could always order and give an I.O.U.!), but I’m guessing you could come up with an excuse for one (or more) of these great bargains.

For the action movie geek: Get the Indiana Jones movie collection on DVD, all four movies, for just $30.31.

For the serious movie geek: Get the Godfather movie collection on DVD, all three movies and over three hours of bonus footage, for just $29.91.

For the gamer geek: Get the World of Warcraft Burning Crusade Expansion Pack for just $33.49.

All of these offerings ship for just $1.40 apiece, and these special prices are good through Friday, February 16th, 2007. So go ahead—make yourself popular, and/or get someone out of your hair for eight or more hours. Either way.

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  1. Oooh…Indiana Jones. There is a Daddy Geek and a Junior Geek in my house who would love that!

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