Because only people who have no soul don’t like trees

By Mir
February 13, 2007
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In the market for some little baby trees? How much do you think those tiny trees ought to cost? How does a buck a tree sound?

Well check this out: Join the National Arbor Day Foundation for just $10, and receive 10 trees, shipped free, with your membership. You’ll also receive their bi-monthly newsletter, a tree care book, and continuing discounts on additional tree purchases. But even if you don’t want all of that, 10 trees for $10 is pretty unbeatable.

When you input your zip code, you’ll see which trees you can select for your area. I input several different zips to make sure it changes (it does).

This would be a really neat housewarming gift for someone who doesn’t have a black thumb.


  1. I so want to do this!! But I have the blackest thumb ever and live in an apartment… 🙁

  2. These trees come very small, almost twiggish, but they grow very well. The best thing about this membership is you get to order other, larger trees for less money than if you were not a member. My membership ran out some time ago, so thanks for reminding me about them, Mir, because I need to order some evergreen shrubs for around my back porch which we are enlarging and covering. They offer so many deals on things like flowering shrubs and even flower bulbs!

  3. not only do they grow well, they almost make mockery of trees that have been in your yard for years!

    But my 7 year old still refers to them, when they arrive, as “STICKS OF DOOM”

  4. Determined little sticks of doom, though. When I got my first shipment, we lived out in the country, and I planted them right outside. My husband ran over them with the riding lawn mower because he could not see them, but I went to look for them, and some had sprouted new leaves.

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